Channel Master 2016 Digital Advantage (HDTV / VHF / UHF) Outdoor Antenna Review

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With the awesome Channel Master 2016 Digital Advantage (HDTV / VHF / UHF) outdoor antenna, you can always enjoy steady reception of signals from different stations.  It’s actually a unique compact outdoor TV antenna that is engineered to receive high quality HDTV and Digital broadcasts.

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The channel master outdoor antenna can receive up to 50 channels.  This makes it a unique alternative to cable Networks.  You can always tune into your favorite broadcast channel without having to pay a dime.  This can save you lots of cash on monthly basis. This is not usually the case if you install some kinds of cable networks. You’ll always pay monthly subscription fees to use that.  The case is entirely different with the outdoor Antenna.

Channel Master 2016 Digital Advantage Features & Specifications

  • Reception Range: Channels 7 thru 69 up to 35 Miles
  • Receives digital/HDTV & analog UHF/HIGH VHF TV signals
  • Easy Installation Turning Radius: 34 in
  • Can mount to mast on roof, walls, chimneys and attics

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The technical details of the Channel Master HDTV antenna are quite commendable.  It comes with a reception range ability of 7 to 69 channels up to a distance of 35 miles.  It also receives HDTV and Digital stations including UHF/HIGH VHF TV signals. You’re sure to be enjoying clear stations when you have the antenna. The turning radius of the antenna is 34.  It can easily be mounted to a mast on the roof of the house. You can as well mount it on the house wall or chimneys.

There are several benefits you stand to gain when you go for the channel master digital advantage antenna.  It’s very easy to mount and install. All you need is to study the owner’s manual that comes with it carefully.

Again, the digital advantage 2016 antenna is known for delivering quality signal services.  It’s also a very durable product that is causing waves online. You’ll always turn your TV to a home theatre when the antenna is up and doing.

As at the moment, the channel master 2016 antenna is selling like hot cake online. There are several online shopping malls where it’s sold.  Several people have continued to purchase it from various sites.

Channel Master 2016 Review

Currently, the product has attracted over 115 reviews from Amazon. These are coming from customers who have bought and used the product. It has also received 4.5 out 5 stars from the reviews. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

Lots of positive comments have been made for the Channel Master 2016 Digital Advantage (HDTV / VHF / UHF) outdoor antenna.  One reviewer says the antenna does more than promised. Another reviewer said it’s very easy to set up. The same person also enjoyed the HDTV reception of the digital advantage 2016 antenna.  Many other reviewers focused on the great reception ability of the product.  One reviewer says he got signals while staying at about 28 miles from TV transmitters without encountering any hiccup.

In any case, there are few negative comments about the product. One reviewer said the antenna comes with crappy instructions.  He however praised the reception capacity of the product.

In all, the Channel Master 2016 Digital Advantage (HDTV / VHF / UHF) Outdoor Antenna still remains a nice product to go for. If you’re thinking of receiving lot of TV signals without paying the usual monthly subscriptions, the antenna can actually serve you. Why not grab it today?

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