Antennas Direct ClearStream4 HDTV Antenna Review

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The Antennas Direct ClearStream4 HDTV antenna will give you the best reception from digital markets and is therefore referred to as the best outdoor antennas. This antenna is quite remarkable in size and its unmatched ultra efficient design and directionality is unrivalled and it has a range of up to 65 miles. Click here to SAVE $20 on the Antennas Direct ClearStream4 Antenna for a limited time only!

Using latest advanced software design, the clearstream4 antenna can be smaller and very powerful when used across the core UHF DTV spectrum. The high level of efficiency offered by these antennas will allow up to 98 percent of broadcast signal to reach incoming antenna cable. Even better, with this antenna, you can receive all core DTV channels and VHF frequencies as well.

Antennas Direct ClearStream4 Features & Specifications

  • ClearStream antennas represent a new breakthrough
  • Allows up to 98 percent of broadcast signal
  • Consistent gain through the entire UHF DTV channel spectrum

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The ClearStream4 HDTV antenna has the best reception and will easily lock on to any station with in 40 mile radius. Although the range may vary, if you stay on a high place, you will not miss having the best reception that may as well cover a long and wide area. If you stay within the metropolitan area, this clearstream4 hdtv antenna can get you more stations that you may end up dropping your cable tv services. This is mainly because it will provide you with sharp HD local stations over the high UHF band with digital sharp capacity of a variety of programs.

One thing you have to know when setting up the clearstream4 antenna is that the position of the binding posts used to attach the buss bars leaves not a bigger room to tighten the wing nuts and therefore it is recommended you connect both sets of tapered loops with the buss bar before you put it up and before assembling the whole antenna.

ClearStream4 Antenna Review

The Antennas Direct ClearStream4 HDTV Antenna currently has a very high rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars which is unbelievably high. There are many great things being said about this tv antenna and here is a few things people have said about it. This antenna can save you money while at the same time guaranteeing you a number of channels to choose from. Its light weight and remarkable performance when properly set is one envied by many and thus this is a very reliable and efficient. Talk of the digital age, the hd antenna will enable you enjoy clear viewing on from a number of channels even as far as other states. You can read more reviews from other satisfied customers and users by visiting Amazon as well. They currently have over 764 reviews from other users. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

Some of the shortfalls are that this antenna is specially designed for digital signals and when you receive analogue pictures, they are quite weak and snowy. But since everybody is going digital, that is not any problem, right? The set instructions in the box are equally very faint because the pictures are not so clear therefore one will fail to follow the instructions correct. Also you need to ensure you position the antenna in a perfect place because even with only small degree misplacement, you may not have the best reception and clear view.

With the antennas direct clear stream4 HDTV antenna, you are sure of gathering a number of signal strength, and the quality and quantity of signal strength is very high and very clear. The antenna is equally light weight and small in size. Moreover, it will help you save money from not paying cable TV services any longer. When it comes to choosing antennas, the HDTV antenna is one hell of a digital antenna that fits with every persons needs. Click here to check it out.

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