Antenna Pros AX-909G2 Stealth Outdoor HD TV Antenna Review

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Subscribing for cable television may cost dearly these days to some people and this is why they tend to find much better—or I can say cheaper—alternative like Antenna Pros AX-909G2 Stealth outdoor HD TV antenna with motor rotor. With prices not more than USD 70, this HDTV antenna has several aspects that may bring out more entertainment to every household. There is no need to subscribe on cable TV if you want to enjoy great programs from several major networks like HBO, ABC, and many more. Here are some great reviews.

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This Antenna Pros antenna is very much easy to install and it is sturdy enough to stand firmly against all those outdoor condition like wind and rain. It is good for those who dwell in rural areas in which it can receive up to 150 mile reception range signals. As the name implies, the motor can make it rotate by the use of infrared remote control up to 360 degrees though it can be operated manually.

Antenna Pros AX-909G2 Stealth HDTV Antenna Features & Specifications

  • Up to 150 mile reception range – ideal for homes in rural areas
  • Dual TV outputs for multiple television sets
  • Built-in high gain booster and super low noise amplifier circuit
  • Double-winged for maximum signal amplification
  • Includes infrared remote control for easy rotation up to 360 degrees

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Maximum signal amplification is guaranteed by the double-winged feature in which it can be very easy to capture low signals. It also boasts built-in high gain booster and super low noise amplifier circuit. Lots of people find it incredible as they can enjoy great entertainment in less than USD100. Compared with the subscription fee of cable TV that range from USD200, this Antenna Pros AX-909G2 outdoor HDTV antenna is considered a breakthrough. However, the appearance may not be very much liked because it looks fragile with that loose pieces rolling around.

However, some people aren’t able to receive signals for more than 150 miles when using this antenna though lots of others find it satisfying. Well, there is needless to say that it may depend on the places and also the climate condition of each city. But generally, most of them find this antenna is worth buying with all those 40 channels that can be captured.

Antenna Pros AX-909G2 Review

After gathering the online reviews of the Antenna Pros Stealth AX-909G2 Outdoor HD TV Antenna, we concluded that the pros outweigh the cons and that the majority of users are satisfied with this product. Installation is very easy and some people say that they don’t need read the manual. Yet, everything has its pros and cons. Speaking about the manual books, some reviews stated that the manuals are very poor in English and there are some steps that are missing. While it was stated in the beginning that the antenna’s appearance is not that good, lots of people were making complain that the packaging is not that good either. However, they are all neglected as long as the price is very much affordable and lots of people can still enjoy the entertainment in very crystal clear.

In sum, this Antenna Pros AX-909G2 Stealth outdoor HD TV antenna with motor rotor may come up with the price. By purchasing only USD 70, you can enjoy amusing programs on your living room in clear pictures. While manual books and packaging are not less necessary to discuss, this antenna is really a device to purchase. Imagine that you can save more than USD100 as subscribing from cable television networks are getting more expensive these days. Click here to check it out.

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