Antennacraft MCE79-DPHBU22 UHF and High-Band VHF Antenna Review

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The Antennacraft MCE79-DPHBU22 UHF and high-band VHF antenna was designed by the enterprise named Antennacraft for an incomparable ability of signal assembling. This antenna provides a very strong signal along with an utmost clarity. The receptive power of this antenna is remarkably high in case of UHF as well as high-band VHF. At a reasonably lower price, the antenna offers prodigious performance.

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The Antennacraft high band VHF antenna is originally a tiny antenna intended for providing directional signal in residential places. The boom length of this antenna is 70 feet. The number of automated elements integrated inside this antenna is 22, which is considerable enough for the better performance of the antenna. These distinctive and typical features of this antenna keep it a class apart from other common aerial antennas.

Antennacraft MCE79-DPHBU22 Antenna Features & Specifications

  • Small Directional Antenna for Suburban Areas
  • 70 Boom Length and 22 Electronic Elements
  • Range Up to 50 Miles VHF High-Band (Channels 7-13)
  • Range Up to 55 Miles UHF Band (Channels 14-69)

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The Antennacraft MCE79-DPHBU22 uhf vhf antenna proffers a range of up to 50 miles with High-band VHF [Very High Frequency]. The numbers of channels made available with the high band VHF are from channel 7 to 13. Unlike with the VHF band, this antenna provides an increased range of nearly 55 miles with the UHF [Ultra High Frequency] band. There is also an increase in the number of channels offered.

The price of the Antennacraft outdoor hd antenna is a reasonable $25.97. This antenna can usually be used with a wireless source or a radio receiver which applies an equivocating frequency current to the antenna’s terminals, and the antenna discharges the energy from the current as electromagnetic waves. The antennacraft antenna is available at a price of $42.11 in Amazon, sold by Apex Suppliers. It can be shipped to anywhere across the world on order.

Antennacraft HBU22 Review

The Antennacraft MCE79-DP HBU22 UHF and high band VHF antenna received an average customer rating of 4.8/5. There were about 126 reviews found on Amazon and more than 100 online reviews on many other websites, out of which majority were positive. Many satisfied users gave this product a rating of 5/5. It received appreciation from its users for the great receptive power it provides. The performance it delivers matches its price and almost every user found it convenient to set up and install the antenna. Click here to read more reviews.

The Antennacraft hbu22 antenna got no negative reviews on Only one or two reviewers gave a rating of 3/5. One user commented that he did not receive the acclaimed 50 to 55 mile range but only an average range of 38 to 43 from different directions. Other users were comfortable with the range it provided.

A thorough reviewing experience proved that the Antennacraft outdoor hd antenna is the best antenna available for browsing all channels in HD absolutely for free. You can view sharp depictions with extreme lucidity. So, go ahead and purchase this amazing antenna, install it over your attic and enjoy the benefit of maximum number of channels on your LCD Television. Click here to check it out.

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